Glasgow T2 Tea Masterclass: REVIEW

Glasgow T2 Tea Masterclass

Friends, I have a little gem to share with you today!
I was recently invited to a T2 Tea Masterclass at the brand new Glasgow T2 store on Buchanan St. As an Australian company, a lot of Glasgow dwellers may be new to the name T2, but I’m not one of them. For once, I appear to be ahead of the curve. See, a few years ago now, I used to live in Melbourne, which is where T2 opened their first ever store. I was a poor backpacker then, and I knew that buying boxes of exotic sounding teas wouldn’t have done my withering bank account any favours- or my backpack. So I didn’t. But I remember feeling so enchanted every time I saw a T2 store, with their colourful packaging, shimmering teapots and smiley staff. It all just looked so fun. So when I got invited to the new Glasgow T2 store, I was super excited to accept the offer.

Now, I’m going to tell you a secret.


REVIEW: bakery47, Glasgow

bakery47, Glasgow

Scotland | 31st August 2016 | By

Let me start by saying that I have never had anything I didn’t absolutely love from bakery47. Ever. And, uh, Andrew and I go there a lot.
As in, a lot.
It is hands down our favourite place to head for breakfast and brunch in Glasgow. When we talk about checking out other places for breakfast, we mean well. We do. But we both secretly know, deep down, that it’s not going to happen. Because bakery47 has stolen our stomachs.


REVIEW: Inver Restaurant, Strathlachlan

Inver Restaurant, Strathlachlan

Scotland | 18th May 2016 | By

Today we’re talking Inver restaurant, a beautiful contemporary Scottish eatery nestled amongst the countryside of Argyll & Bute. Scottish readers, listen up!
So a couple of weeks back, Andrew and I found ourselves with a rare free weekend. I’ve lived in Scotland for almost two years now and the furthest I have ever ventured outside of the cities of Glasgow and Edinburgh… is Loch Lomond. It’s shameful and not a fact I share lightly, particularly given my penchant for travelling away from the beaten track and discovering hidden gems.