Glasgow T2 Tea Masterclass: REVIEW

Glasgow T2 Tea Masterclass

Friends, I have a little gem to share with you today!
I was recently invited to a T2 Tea Masterclass at the brand new Glasgow T2 store on Buchanan St. As an Australian company, a lot of Glasgow dwellers may be new to the name T2, but I’m not one of them. For once, I appear to be ahead of the curve. See, a few years ago now, I used to live in Melbourne, which is where T2 opened their first ever store. I was a poor backpacker then, and I knew that buying boxes of exotic sounding teas wouldn’t have done my withering bank account any favours- or my backpack. So I didn’t. But I remember feeling so enchanted every time I saw a T2 store, with their colourful packaging, shimmering teapots and smiley staff. It all just looked so fun. So when I got invited to the new Glasgow T2 store, I was super excited to accept the offer.

Now, I’m going to tell you a secret.


The Best Vegan Protein Sources (And How To Cook With Them!)

The Best Vegan Protein Sources (And How to Cook With Them!) |

Lifestyle | 26th January 2017 | By

Hi all! Coming at you with something a little different today- the BEST vegan protein sources!

The Best Vegan Protein Sources (And How to Cook With Them!) |

I often receive questions from family and friends asking me which foods they should be eating as part of a healthy diet. As a result of scaremongering from the media, hype over the newest diet trends and just general misinformation, there now exists so much confusion about what foods we should actually be consuming to support optimal health. This can leave us feeling completely lost and unsure of where to start when it comes to eating a healthy diet.


THOUGHTS: ‘Cheat Meals’, Mindset + IIFYM

Grampian Mountains Australia

Lifestyle | 22nd March 2016 | By

The concept of ‘cheat meals’ is something I want to address, because it’s something I frequently come across or get asked about in relation to my ‘diet’.
I use these two phrases lightly, in inverted commas. This is because I don’t believe in the idea of either of them. Now, that might sound strange. If you know anything about the IIFYM diet, you might well view cheat meals as one of their defining features. And, for a lot of people, they are.