Hey, you! Welcome to Fuelling The Fork; a food blog showcasing healthy, delicious and balanced recipes for everyday life. I’m so glad you’re here.

This blog is written, photographed and designed by me, Molly, a training nutritional therapist based in Edinburgh. I enjoy porridge with ALL the toppings, travelling the world one getaway at a time and an insatiable shopping habit for cute and quirky crockery.

Fuelling The Fork was born out of a desire to create and share recipes that defy the stereotypically healthy meals that leave us bored and unsatisfied. Not only this, but a desire to help people to find a way of eating for health in a way that is enjoyable and sustainable.
Over the years of experimenting with many different ways of eating and unfortunately getting sucked into one or two diet fads along the way (gluten free/paleo/low fat/low calorie/IIFYM- I’m looking at you), this is something I’ve become so passionate about.
…So much, in fact, that two years ago I made the decision to leave my path towards training as a clinical psychologist and start all over again as a nutritional therapist. In doing so, I have gained so much knowledge and insight into the power of food as medicine, and I’m so excited to share this and everything I continue to learn, with YOU!
Prepare for sad salads to be replaced by delicious plant-based meals you’ll actually be excited to eat. These recipes are perfectly suited to anyone looking to make healthy, nutritiously balanced recipes inspired by a range of different ingredients and cuisines. They’ll always be creative and delicious.

Are you ready? Let’s fuel your fork!

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